Wickham Place Farm Garden



Wickham Place Farm Garden 2016


Wickham Place Farm

Station Road

Wickham Bishops




Tel. 01621 891282.



Wickham Place Farm Garden is now only open to pre-booked groups. We do not have public open days any more

and its unlikely to resume. Sadly this decision was made after our second break-in, which was directly linked to garden

'visitors'. 99.99% of our visitors have been lovely and we will miss welcoming them here but those who use the

opportunity to plan their night time visit have ruined it for everyone. Statues which have been in the garden for

generations cannot be replaced or favourite tools and saws.


Location. Between Witham and Maldon on B1018.


Garden Features.

2 acre walled garden dating from 1706.  Huge roses, climbers and 5 massive wisterias cascade from the walls. One

wisteria covers the whole 250’ long wall and has featured in numerous national press and television programmes.

Shrubs, perennials and bulbs with many unusual varieties, ensure year round colour.

Outside the walled garden an intricate box knot garden surrounds the folly. A range of old cow sheds have now

been removed allowing a new 45m x 3m 'shady' border to be created on the north side of the garden wall. A large 'hot'

island bed is being created on part of the old car park.



12 acres of woodland walks with rabbit/deer resistant planting. In Winter, snowdrops emerge through Autumn cyclamen

leaves, followed by daffodils, primroses and leucojums. In May carpets of bluebells are punctuated by uncurling ferns.

Summer tranquillity drifts through to the highlight of massed cyclamen and colchicums in September.






Although we have an email link a telephone enquiry will have the fastest response.


Sorry, only guide dogs permitted

Wickham Place Farm Garden


Private and group visits

Groups (minimum 15 people) are welcome on any day/evening, by appointment.

Any type of group is most welcome and can be art groups, horticultural groups, U3A, bird watching, wine tasting, garden

society or just a group of friends.


Admission charges.  

For groups, we recommend a £8.00 pp package to include entrance fee, coffee/tea/soft drink & slice of cake.  Entrance

is £5.00 pp without refreshments. During the 'welcome talk’ information sheets/maps are provided. May is the best time

to see the wisterias but groups are welcome during any month. Proceeds from visits go to the NGS and Farleigh Hospice.

Allow 1 ½ - 2 hours average visit but it is suggested this is left fairly flexible until you arrive (the weather can play an

important part!). With only one group at a time, you will have the whole 14 acres to enjoy.


Plants for sale. A small nursery area with lots of unusual plants for sale at sensible prices. Most are propagated from

plants grown in the garden.

Parking. Ample parking for cars & mini buses.  Large coaches drop off at the gate and park about 1/4 mile away.

If you are planning a whole day out and would like information on other gardens, interesting places, pubs for lunch, etc.

please contact us or Maldon Tourist Information on 01621 856503.



Garden update

July 13, 2015

July 2015

We are closed to visitors until next year when we hope to welcome pre-booked groups and coaches again.

The nursery remains open for sales by appointment only.


Wisterias. We currently have wisteria sinensis and macrobotrys for sale. They are grown from layers of our own plants so

are guaranteed to flower as well as their parents. Phone for prices and availability



March 2016

Interesting Winter weather! As I look out there are still snowdrops flowering and some daffodils are beginning to fade.

Numerous enquiries as to the best time to see the wisterias this year, who can tell? On average its early - mid May but so

much depends upon the night temperatures as well as the daily sunshine. My crystal ball is not working....


Unfinished building work meant we've not started planting the huge new border or the 'hot' island, I'm still

hopeful to start in April. Lots of maintenance and new planting in the walled garden and the woodland. The latter is

always lovely with bluebells, ferns and cyclamen increasing year on year.